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Outrageous Ways To Get Back Into Peak Tailgating Form

Outrageous Ways To Get Back Into Peak Tailgating Fo...

Open uri20130419 15440 twgmwx article

Professional iPhone Photographer Kevin Russ Documents the World an Instagram at a Time

Kevin Russ's job is to travel the country and take iPhone photos. Are you jealous yet?

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How to Approach Every Day Like an Explorer

How to Approach Every Day Like an Explorer

Open uri20120927 11022 mfty8 article
Milk Made

Interview: Long Live A$AP

Milk Made caught up with the Harlem MC on the set of the latest A$AP Mob music video “Acid” – which the self-proclaimed “flyest motherfucker” is also co-directing – to talk about the cost of fame, his other upcoming album with the Mob crew and the secret to pleasing a woman.

Neistatoffice article
Milk Made

Creative Spaces: Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat makes home movies for a living. This is his office.

 mg 1158 article
Milk Made

From The Desert to The Jam Room: Theophilus London Is Back

After eight months in the deserts of California, Theophilus London is back in New York.

Boyle mm kanye 01 article
Milk Made

This is What Happens When Kanye West Throws a Secret Party at Milk

It’s a strange thing to see Kanye West look happy. He’s a different man with a smile on his face.

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Meet Three Modern Explorers Who Completely Dodged the 9-to-5

Meet Three Modern Explorers Who Completely Dodged t...

Richard corman madonna 08 article
Milk Made

Milk Gallery Presents Madonna NYC83

The first time Madonna introduced herself to Richard Corman, she served him bubble gum and an espresso on a silver tray. It was 1983 and they were meeting in her East Village apartment for a photo shoot.

Open uri20140430 24457 huhdxb article
Milk Made

Milk Gallery Presents 'Brad Elterman: Dog Dance'

You can practically smell the cigarettes and the booze wafting up from a Brad Elterman photograph.

Digital patrik wallner tehran khomenei push lowq 2000p article
Milk Made

Skate World: 'The Persian Version'

Patrik Wallner got to live the dream while filming The Persian Version (out yesterday), which follows an international crew as they journeyed from Iran to Turkey with the occasional detour because of little things
like denied visas.

Screen shot 2014 03 30 at 10.27.38 am article
Milk Made

Film Preview: School Daze

The next time somebody is thinking about inventing a new drug, they need to call up director Jacqueline Sir.

43magazine 003 034 article
Milk Made

Jumping the Tracks with 43 Magazine

There are certain rules that go unsaid, even to the very young and the sloppy drunk. Perhaps chief among those is to never, ever play on subway tracks.

Afp beforeyourveryeyes still 07 article
Milk Made

Atoms For Peace's 'Before Your Very Eyes'

The 6-minute special effects masterpiece turns Thom Yorke’s haunting track into a mesmerizing vision of shifting deserts and Yorke’s own crumbling face, and it all began with a poem.

Open uri20130531 14293 ov3cuh article

Steven Sebring Photographs the Fourth Dimension

All it takes is 100 cameras.